Oxford & St George's Jewish Youth Trust

Registered Charity Number: 207191

The Trust, formerly known as Oxford & St George's Jewish Youth & Community Centre, was established in 1914 by the late Sir Basil Henriques, CBE, JP, with the sole aim of running a Jewish youth and community centre.

Over the years, because of a decline in membership, these activities have ceased and it is now a grant making organisation.

The closure of the vast majority of Jewish youth clubs in the UK has restricted the grant making potential of the charity. The few Jewish youth clubs that still exist are aware of the facilities available and many have successfully applied for grants.

On 12th December 2007, the necessary authorisation was obtained from the Charity Commission for the amalgamation of the Trust Charity with the Lionel and Hilda Barnett Trust. With effect from that date, both charities have been administered as a single charity.

Trustees (as at 01 January 2023)

Danny Lishak (Chairman)

Jon Lishak (Treasurer)

Ian Revens (Secretary)

Gary Davis

Penny Grant

Simon Hoffman

Samantha Wallace

Rebecca Livingstone

Ben Rose

The Trust meets 2 times per year in April and October to discuss and grant Awards. Applications should therefore be made in time for these meetings in order for your Grant to be discussed. Please go to the Application Form page for further details.